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[1770 - 1827]

Allegro in D Major, (1796)
arranged for flute solo and string orchestra by Mark Starr
from Beethoven's original, the Sonatine
for mandolin and harpsichord
, WoO 44a 

Ludwig van Beethoven

link to biography of Beethoven

A demo recording of this arrangement -- realized with digital musical sounds -- will begin to play automatically upon opening this page.  If you do not wish listen to it, please click on the STOP button (or the PAUSE button) on the media player, below. You may wish to adjust the volume on your computer to a more comfortable level.


Among Beethoven's obscure works are four piece for mandolin and harpsichord - which he composed around 1796, when he was 26. Beethoven took mandolin lessons from his friend Werner Krumpholz. (Kumpholz, a mandolin virtuoso, performed Beethoven's mandolin pieces in a concert in Prague.)

Today, these pieces are infrequently performed, but not for any lack of musical interest. They are all delightful. Rather, they are neglected mainly for two reasons: (1) classical mandolin soloists are rare these days; and (2) the combination of mandolin and harpsichord sounds somewhat bizarre (the ear has difficulty distinguishing the mandolin from the harpsichord.)

These four pieces lend themselves to arrangements.  The accompaniments, especially, lend themselves to orchestration.  Mark Starr has arranged them for flute solo and string orchestra.  In addition, he has made flute/piano reductions of these my orchestral arrangements -- which are available for purchase on www.sibeliusmusic.com.  A detached solo flute part is also available for purchase together with the flute/piano score.