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a suite of six diverse pieces by Alexander Borodin
arranged for symphony orchestra by Mark Starr

link to biography of Borodin

To play the six pieces in orchestral suite, please click on:

1. Allegro in D minor

2. Helene Polka

3. Scherzo in A-flat

4. Andantino in E minor

5. Serenata alla spagnola on the name of Belaiev

6. Grande Tarantella


Borodin/Starr: BORODINIANA is a suite of six diverse pieces composed by Alexander Borodin and orchestrated by Mark Starr.  The suite is available for perusal, audition, purchase, downloading and printing on the website www.sibeliusmusiccom.  To jump to the sheet music online, please click on the following link and open "Works for Symphony Orchestra":

     link to full scores for symphony orchestra on www.sibeliusmusic.com

To display the scores on your computer screen -- while listening to MIDI performances of the music -- one must first download Sibelius' web music viewer, called Scorch.  Scorch is available free-of-charge on the sibeliusmusic.com website. (Just click on the sibeliusmusic.com website's green button marked Get Scorch)

The full
Borodinana Suite comprises the following orchestration:

2 flutes
2 oboes
English horn
2 clarinets
bass clarinet
2 bassoons
1 contrabassoon

4 horns
3 trumpets

percussion (4): bass drum, tabourine basque, piatti, triangle

total duration: ca 24 minutes


The orchestral parts are available on rental from Noteworthy Musical Editions for public performances and/or commercial recordings.