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1750 - 1791

Komm, Liebe Zither, Komm, KV 351/367b

arranged by Mark Starr
for voice, mandolin solo (or harp solo)
 and string orchestra

from Mozart's original song
for high voice and mandolin

[unfinished portrait of Mozart]

link to biography of Mozart

A demo recording of this arrangement -- realized with digital musical sounds -- will begin to play automatically upon opening this page.  If you do not wish listen to it, please click on the STOP button (or the PAUSE button) on the media player, below. You may wish to adjust the volume on your computer to a more comfortable level.


Austrian zither; Neapolitan mandolin; and 18th C. French single-action harp


Mozart composed this charming love song for voice and mandolin. This was not his only song with mandolin. Don Giovanni's Serenade to Donna Elvira is one of that opera's most exquisite moments.

Because the mandolin only goes down to Middle C, Komm, liebe Zither, komm has no bass line in Mozart's original.  In his orchestral arrangement, however, Mark Starr added a bass line and filled in the implied harmonies. Then, he arranged the accompaniment for string orchestra.

The solo part should be played by a mandolin, as Mozart intended.   In many orchestras (especially opera orchestras,) some violinists also play the mandolin.

Nevertheless, since access to a suitable mandolin player may be limited for a particular orchestra, a harp makes a fine substitute.  You can hear a harp in the digital audio demo on thie webpage.

However, the ideal performance would enlist the services of a zither soloist. Of course, they are even rarer than mandolin players.

There is a charming performance on YouTube by baritone Hermann Prey featuring the zither, played by Takashi Ochi..  To access the video, please click here.

The score and performance parts for my orchestral arrangement are available for purchase, downloading and printing on
www.sibeliusmusic.com.   Here is a link to the score:


This arrangement is copyright and registered with ASCAP.  All public performances and recordings must be licensed by ASCAP.