Demons for Accuracy

At Noteworthy Musical Editions, we go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of our scores and parts.  We encourage conductors, musicians and singers who use our materials in performance to inform us of any errors that may have slipped by us.  (Also any awkward page-turns.)  And then we correct our materials.

Our passion for accuracy and legibility extends to this website -- which is still very new.  As with any complex website, it is perhaps inevitably that some bugs may creep in.  We would greatly appreciate reports of any errors or malfunctions that you may encounter while browsing our site, including any broken links, mismatched recordings, errors in information and even misspellings. 


Even if you do not spot any errors on this website, we would still enjoy hearing from you.  Please let us know your observations on our website.  We would be especially interested in any opinions (pro or con) that you might care to express about the website's content or the musical works that we make available.


All requests for additional works to arrange for orchestra will be seriously considered.


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