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Noteworthy Musical Editions is a new face on the Internet in the publishing of concert sheet music, and the rental of parts to orchestras and bands.. 


Our company sells its copyrighted scores on the websites:


Many of our publications are scored for orchestra or band.  Instrumental parts for these works are available only on rental, directly from Noteworthy Musical Editions. 



On this website, you can find information about our performance materials available on rental.  Consequently, the contents on this website will be of interest primarily to performing musicians, conductors, educators, music librarians and arts administrators who are associated with the public performance, recording and broadcasting of music for orchestra (including opera) and band.


Nevertheless, on this website you will also find hundreds of audio demo recordings of orchestral and band works in our catalog.  These works include numerous new orchestrations of 18th, 19th and early-20th Century masterworks.  Many of these new orchestrations were made by our Editorial Direcor: conductor, arranger and composer Mark Starr. Hopefully, the new and unusual works in our catalog will be of interest to a wide variety of devotees of orchestral and band music.


You can download and save our General Catalog of Works available on rental from Noteworthy Musical Editions.  To download the General Catalog as a .pdf file, please click here.   PDF files are readable with Adobe Reader (available free-of-change on the website .)


You can now follow the news about our latest publications on  Just click on the Facebook logo, below, to jump to our page on Facebook.  There you can leave comments about our orchestrations and arrangements, if you wish.  We are always interested to read your comments about our musical publications.





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