Our Catalogs

Our catalog of musical works includes unusual compositions in many genres by master composers. 
Some of these works are available in new orchestral arrangements -- available nowhere else.  

You can search our catalogs with the links in the menu to the column on the left.  There are separate menu links for Orchestral Music, Band Music, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music (including Opera), Choral Music, and a General Catalog that lists all of our publications by composer.

Orchestral Music
contains subcategories -- such as Works for Orchestra Alone; Works for Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra, and Works for Solo Voice(s) and Orchestra

Chamber music and specialized performing groups (such as Ragtime Ensemble and Klezmer Ensemble) can be found in the Instrumental Music section.   

Our catalog of works is constantly growing.  Please check Noteworthy News in the scroll-box on the Home Page with Adobe Flash Content for announcements of new publications


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