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Guidelines for Submission of New Works and Arrangements
for inclusion in our Orchestral - Band Music Rental Online Catalog


Noteworthy Musical Editions will consider submissions of new works and arrangements for inclusion in our online Orchestral/Band Music Rental Catalog.  Below are guidelines for submissions that interested composers and arrangers should read carefully. 

Our rental catalog is focused primarily on the following genres:

  • new arrangements (for orchestra or band) of significant instrumental/vocal works now in the US public domain;
  • new editions of never-before published works by composers who died more than 70 years ago.
  • compositions (especially for a solo instrument and orchestra/band) for which you hold the copyright

If you have an original score that meets the criteria above, please send us an email (at noteworthymusic@zasu.us ) describing your score in detail.  Please include information about any performances or recordings it may have already received.)  If our editorial committee believes your score might be a commercial asset to our rental catalog, based on information in your email and our evaluation of the market, then Noteworthy Musical Editions will contact you with an invitation to submit your score for evaluation. 

We will also send you our protocols for score submissions. 

If Noteworthy Musical Editions does not offer you an invitation to subit your score, we will inform you with a form email -- with no critique or explanation for our decision.

Submission of all scores to us is by invitation only.  Unsolicited scores will be either refused delivery or discarded unopened.  In no case will an unsolicited score be returned by us to the sender.

Please note: submission of works for evaluation is for inclusion in our orchestral/band rental library of scores and parts.  We do not edit or print the scores and parts of outside sumbmissions.  Preparation of all materials for rental is the responsibility of composers and arrangers.  In the event composers/arrangers are not familiar with music notation software, we can recommend professional music typesetters who work with Sibelius.

What services does Noteworthy Musical Editions provide to copyright holders of the scores it accepts for inclusion in our rental catalog?

1.  Noteworthy Musical Editions does not sell music (either scores or parts.)  Composers/arrangers can sell their scores, if they wish, on their own, on www.sibeliusmusic.com or through a music distributor.

2.  Noteworthy Musical Editions rents instrumental parts to orchestras, bands and soloists for specific concert performances (and/or recordings).    

3.  We negotiate fees with performing organizations on behalf of the copyright holders.  The range of fees for each work are set by the copyright -holder.  We enter into a rental agreements and fee licenses with performing organizations.  We provide performance materials to performing organizations according to these agreements.  We collect rental/performance fees.  We distribute to the copyright-holder his/her portion of the rental/performance fee -- as per agreement.  After the performance or recording, we receive all returned materials, and maintain them for condition and accuracy. 

4.  We publicize our scores on our website.  We post information about each work and composer in our online catalog.  We also include photos and streaming audio demos online, when they are available.  The information, photos and the audio demos for each work are accessible via the Web to orchestras and concert bands everywhere.  Composers and arrangers are expected to promote performances of their own works on their own..

Based in California,  Noteworthy Musical Editions & Orchestral/Band Music Rental Library distributes parts by major delivery services (such as FedEx and DHL) to performing organizations in any country.  Prior to sending out our parts, performing organizations must sign our rental agreement and pay in full a negotiated rental/performance license fee.

1.  Composers/arrangers keep their own copyrights.  They assign to Noteworthy Musical Editions:
(a) the right to rent out materials for performances and/or recordings;
(b) the right to negotiate rental/performance license fees within specific price ranges; and
(c) the right to collect these fees and to distribute income under specific terms -- as per agreement.

These rights may be rescinded by the copyright holder(s) at any time.

2.   As copyright holders, composers/arrangers are personally and solely responsible for all matters concerning publicity, promotion, copyright infringement and plagiarism pertaining to their scores. 

3.  Each score that is accepted for our website ( http://zasu.us/noteworthymusic ) will be indexed in our catalog and receive its own webpage.  Composers/arrangers will provide informational and promotional content for each work -- including the orchestration, duration, technical difficulty, historical background, critical reviews, testimonials, photographs, and -- if available -- a WAV file containing a live or digital performance.  (Naturally, the rights to any recorded performances must be free-and-clear for presentation on the web.)

4.  Composers/arrangers who already sell their scores on www.sibeliusmusic.com can continue to do so.  They can link their scores on www.sibeliusmusic.com to corresponding pages on Noteworthy Musical Editions website -- for the rental of parts and the payment of rental/performance fees.

5.  Noteworthy Musical Editions negotiates rental/performance license fees with each organization that contacts us for permission to perform or record a work that we rent.  These rental/performance license fees are independent of any income that a composer/arranger may receive from a performing rights society (such as ASCAP, BMI or foreign performance rights societies.)  Also, these rental/performance license fees are independent of any income a composer may receive in the form of royalties on the sales of recordings.  The ranges of our negotiated rental/performance fees are set by the copyright holder(s), not by Noteworthy Musical Editions.  For example, the rental/performance license for a performance by a university symphony orchestra in a small hall would cost less than a license for the same work performed by a major symphony orchestra on a subscription concert.

6. Noteworthy divides and distributes any profit from these rental/performance license fees as per agreement -- after all related expenses have been deducted. 

7. Copyright holders (i.e. composers and arrangers) are responsible for providing Noteworthy Musical Editions with all materials that they wish to rent out (i.e. typeset full scores, typeset orchestral parts and typeset choral parts.)   Noteworthy Musical Editions will not rent out any hand-copied parts.  Parts for large-scale works (e.g. symphonies, operas, etc.) must be in large format (i.e., no letter-size parts); and they must have stiff covers with comb or spiral bindings.  Every instrument must have a separate part (i.e. no two flutes on the same staff.)

Composers and arrangers are also responsible for replenishing materials as scores and parts wear out, are lost or are damaged.  If a popular work requires multiple sets of materials and multiple copies of the score, it is the responsibility of the composer to provide them.

8.  Other than displaying promotional material on a work's webpage, and playing a performance WAV file while the webpage is being displayed, Noteworthy Musical Editions will not engage in any additional promotional or publicity activities on behalf of composers/arrangers.  It is up to each composer to promote his/her musical works, and to direct potential performers and customers to our library's website for rental/license fees.